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Select Series World’s highest performing reflective window films in the industry. These high performing precious metal films with natural tones are designed to allow maximum light but reject the maximum amount of heat.

commercialOur commercial clients have several needs that our company most often provides solutions for. All films we install come with a lifetime warranty (if installed on the interior of the glass) and all films provide 99% UV protection from harmful, damaging rays. The film protects not only the people inside but also furniture, flooring and expensive artwork. Glare Reduction: Our films can block up to 94% of incoming glare. The reduction of glare will reduce eye strain, and increase visibility on sunlit computer monitors and television screens. Window tint can also relieve the excessive glare caused by sidewalk, or glare from water as well as the annoying reflective glare caused by cars passing by. Privacy: Our films can provide daytime privacy. You can see out, they can’t see in. We also have “BlackOut, Frosted, Etched and Opaque” films that provide 2 way privacy. These films can be used to hide unsightly clutter, computer cords, shelving, etc. from people on the other side of your windows. Heat Rejection: Our films can block out up to 95% of incoming infra-red heat, thereby increasing occupant comfort. We have seen many installations that provide an immediate 7-10 degree interior heat reduction. This heat reduction can ease wear and tear on your air conditioning system and reduce cooling costs. Every 100 square feet of sunlit glass requires 1 ton of air conditiong. All of our films provide up to 99% Ultra-Violet Ray rejection. UV rays are accountable for nearly half of the sun’s rays that cause premature damage and fading to carpets, furniture,merchandise, displays etc. Window tint can reduce fading and bleaching to a pace more common with normal wear and tear. Decorative and Opaque Films: We have a wide variety of films that can accent clear glass, or provide complete or partial privacy to restroom windows, garage windows or difficult to cover shaped windows that need privacy etc. We have films that look identical to sand blasted, frosted, or etched glass. Many banks use this film along the bottom of their teller windows in order to hide the cables and clutter directly in front of you.

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