automotiveNext time you see any automotive advertisement, you will notice that these vehicles are featured with tinted windows.  Tint adds a “finishing touch” to any vehicle and we have provided this service for over 25 years!  Just as tinted windows can add that finishing touch, it can also be an eyesore if applied poorly with gaps, creases, bubbles, or awful purple tint! Allow us to properly add that finishing touch to your vehicle today!

Benefits of Tinted Windows:

privacy-car-tintPrivacy:  Tinted windows can reduce visibility into your vehicle which aids in keeping valuables and people in the vehicle safe.

Heat: Our films can block up to 98% of IR heat resulting in quicker cool down time and reduced fuel costs. Ultra Violet Protection: Window Tinting when combined with automotive glass, rejects up to 99% of UVa, and UVb solar rays. Ultra Violet rays are accountable for sunburns, sunspots, premature aging, and melanoma on your skin.  They are also the rays that damage the upholstery in your vehicle.

Safety: Window Tint is applied on the interior of your glass. In the event of an accident your side and rear windows are designed to break into hundreds of tiny pieces. These tiny pieces can hit occupants like a shotgun blast upon impact. The window tinting material combined with its aggressive adhesive system can significantly reduce the amount of flying glass upon impact. Customers have given us positive testimonials after such accidents. Window Tinting will also reduce clean-up in the event of a break-in.

Glare Reduction: Tinted windows relieve eye strain caused by day-time glare, and in the evening reduces side and rearview headlight glare.